After reading your initial post, I looked back and noticed a definite correlation between transits/progressions and significant life events. Hopefully I’ll get to healing soon. She was the Hearth – Food, Survival, Home, not-Abandonment, everything of utmost importance and meaning.”. Felt like saying hi , Thank you very much for your very informative post !

It’s Danish rather than Dutch, but I can’t help think of Peter Høeg’s novel Borderliners.

My Vesta is in the 5th house, at 25 Leo, conjunct Juno (24 Leo) and my Moon (24 Leo).

This is a large topic and I don’t think I’m qualified to comment.

industry and political elite.".

"healing" of degenerated, Vesta/Chiron symbolizes locations with few This helps explain so much more in depth my own attitude towards relationships. But I love Vesta, I really believe she’s what makes me what I am. Yes, it does seem to work out that way, but it isn’t always cut and dried. Vesta/Saturn will have a strong sense of what he or she will need to accomplish within this lifetime, but will also have a sense of responsibility towards others that will lean towards the devotional.


They are often filled with pictures of abuse, abandonment, grief and loss. Our Limiting Beliefs are up in our face because they’re bring threatened Bigtime by a Vision of Unlimited Self-Autonomy. I am not really religious but a little more more spiritual and for a while I was vegan. With passion make love. Juno Conjunct the NN. I’m fully captivated and intent on gaining greater clarity (focus) that apparently comes through Vesta herself! Where most of us go wrong, is that we stop at “until it hurts”. Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). I unerstand that conjunctions and oppositions are the most potent aspects but what about the other aspects,ptolemaic and minor aspects alike,like trines semisquares,squares,inconjunct etc in natal or in synastry?For example I have a grand trine involving Moon,Vesta and a Uranus-Neptune conjunction in the natal. But what’s really Changing here, if we’re willing to accept the Gift, is our Limiting Beliefs.

One of those would be Cerussite, Lead Carbonate – hard to imagine how a combination of Lead and Carbon could be almost transparent, till we remember that Matter is Illusion and in the “atom” model almost all “empty” space. Prominent Vesta people tend to take some stance on religion or spirituality. Hello Gracie, your experience of Vesta is very confirming. If your Reaction to these was Discouragement, Empathize with your own perceived Limits. DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE (JUNE 21 1982 9:03PM PADDINGTON, UK) VESTA//CHIRON 10' ORB; And in order to provide the proper focus, we need to withdraw for a time from the distractions of the world.

What are we geared towards here? I haven't heard or seen Ceres specifically re…, Progressed moon conjunct Ceres in 11th house and also opposite progressed V…, Hello Mala: Thanks for your amazing feedback and sharing details that help…, Astrology of the Brussels Terrorist Attack, Astrology of Ebola with Hygiea, Black Moon Lilith, Midpoint Research: Mars Uranus Midpoint and School Shootings, Jupiter-Uranus and Lottery Winnings – A Study, Astrology of Andreas Lubitz and the Plane Crash, Ingress Chart and Malaysian Airlines Crash – July 16 2014. Trying to make sense of that and how specifically it affects my career as a women’s health care practitioner (and more ;). hospital care, like Florence Nightingale, Johns Hopkins and Charles Mayo, Part of the process lies in the Elite manipulating the Culture into crises (and manipulating endogenous crises) in order to use them as excuses to “rescue” us – by putting us into indebtedness we can never repay. I just thought I would give it a try but did not enter it seriously. ORB;  2011 SR SUN=V/C (1 DEGREE ORB);

In other words, by the end of this decade our Beliefs Manifest directly in our Culture, so the more we purge them of Despair now, the better will be our Future. It is vitally important that one clear the day’s energies before entering sleep, and that each bed partner be free of any and all negativity towards each other and the world. Again, all this depends on how strongly Vesta is placed in the natal chart. I am still working o understand the significance of Vesta in my chart. What does it mean when Vesta conjunct midheaven,Pluto and Moon?

Captcha * Once the Vesta individual set their heart on a cause, it is hard to shake them of it.

I'm Faith McInerney. Chiron is also the bridge of the zodiac because it links the visible planets (up to Saturn), to the invisible, transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). Your wound is part of your personal history, it is a part of YOU. natal picture. Madonna, has both a prominent Vesta/Chiron So our Vestas are communicating though my MC/IC, but we do very little beyond smiling at each other a whole lot. although more commonly Neptune/Vesta symbolizes a home by the water or water I’ve also had 3 home births, love to cook and you could say that I’m devoted to quite a few things…all of them practical in nature! His nodes are in wide conjunct. JOHN (AUGUST 29, 1936 6:25PM COLON, PANAMA) MARS=CHIRON/VESTA 6' ORB) EVENT: (44) while Victoria was queen. Asteroid Ceres in Astrology plays an important role in the natal chart in relation to nurture, loss, Vesta in MythologyVesta is one of the four main asteroids used in Astrology.
JOHN  (FEBRUARY 5, 1938 2:51PM NEW YORK, It was a really important thing for me. I am devoted to sensual pleasure and authentic freedom. I also relate to the sexual healer aspect of it.. and I feel very strongly about helping women discover their goddess selves. Hugh Hefner: Has Vesta on the MC; the real fire here is ambition. Libra rising. Chiron is healing or an injured (wounded) entity; Does that make sense? I have Vesta in mt 7th house/Aquarius conjunct DC.

I have been married but marriage was not an ovewhelming drive for me. Vesta is only partly about relationships. also seen with degenerating location (as well as locations undergoing Also Vesta opposite Uranus in natal.I interpret this one as someone who likes to break out from a relationship from time to time,like a non-stable type of person. They Sabotage us because they’re shouting at us to Pay Attention!! Is there a possibility of love at first sight, because he says this is what he experienced and his actions that night convince me. I, too, have Sun Conjunct Vesta (and Juno in Scorpio) in the 7th. Ethel Paley nursing home advocate Vesta square Chiron 2 1/2 degree orb October 8, 1920 no tob, BRANDO,  MARLON (APRIL 3, 1924 11PM OMAHA, NE) Anyway, most of the time I feel like an octopus in a grass field trying to find common ground with the rest. .

I have a rather prominent Vesta in my chart – conjunct my Anti-Vertex, while Pallas is conjunct my Vertex.

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