Play a game of “Would You Rather” or “20 questions” via telephone or FaceTime, Make a mini video update (First choosing a theme, Show N’ Tell, Top 10 activities to do that don’t involve screen time, etc.) Tiffany Monroe & Stacey Santiago, Co-Chairmen. wash hands, limit screen time, exercise/meditate/mindfulness, read books, talk to people who care about you, Have a drawing contest and show it to each other over video call, text or email, Brainstorm an activity list of things you both would like to do together in the future. Here’s to a year of friendship, fun, and, of course, frat boys! Look up art contests and work on something at the same time to either put together at a later time or to submit separately. Services like Kast enable users to create watch parties and view the same movie or TV show simultaneously. Here are some virtual team building activities to help break the ice and begin building rapport among your remote or distributed staff. Enter Donut. Appoint someone to keep track of time in each group. Sorors from the Alpha Alpha Beta Omega Chapter in Miramar, FL collaborated with us in collecting products. From there, the team receives another email where they must guess and match the answer to the person who said it. This becomes an ideal way to help get to know your team members and have fun doing it too. Learn some yoga moves and create a 15 minute yoga routine. Using reloadable gift cards so everyone can make order their own food ahead of time is also convenient. May your socials be stellar, may your fundraisers be on fleek, and above all else, may your sisterhood stay strong. to send to one another. Maybe one girl loves to bake cupcakes while another is a tech wiz. For companies with a distributed workforce, getting the entire company together in-person for a meal requires extensive coordination and significant funding. Hence, it is necessary to put modern communication technology to its best use when planning virtual team building activities. The applications enable users to submit and use GPS locations, directions, pictures, and videos during the hunt. With telecommuting becoming so common that 43% of all U.S. employees work off site at least part time, building connections among distributed teams can be difficult. We’d love to hear from you! You can set up this game in one of two ways: Option 1: Include questions as a survey for new hires so that they can share some non-personal details about themselves, and the existing team can get to know their new colleague better. (Please note: If they don’t want to take part, forcing activities on your team can be counterproductive, so most activities should be optional.). This is a wonderful way of strengthening the spirit of sisterhood, boosting pride, and uniting a sorority. The most important requirement for this activity is setting up a screen-sharing software or streaming service. This sorority icebreaker game gives your gals a chance to think about how they can use their talent, passion, or knowledge to serve the sorority in their own unique way. Eventually, when everyone has had their turn, you can call out the different moves as the girls do them on command: “Do the McKenna! In December 2018, The lovely ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Chi Psi Omega Chapter along with the Sisterly Relations committee hosted a Sisterly Luncheon, “Ugly Sweater Party.” Sorors enjoyed building a stronger sisterhood through casual conversation and good food. When the game concludes, the event organizer can put together a slideshow of the best photos and videos of the hunt. On  November 2019, we donated 14 bags, 10 boxes of feminine products and gave $680 to Help Her, Period on Sunday, November 3rd. If you’ve got a big group of girls and a bunch of new recruits, it may be a good idea to split into smaller teams for this one. These are some FUN ways to break the ice during recruitment, sisterhood socials, meetings, or retreats! ): Science360–app created by the National Science Foundation to showcase advance science, engineering news images and videos for kids, Spelling Stage–fun game with words and spelling/vocabulary and reading/writing, Write short stories back and forth to each other (virtual or snail mail), Compete against each other in online gaming (PC, PS4, XBox, etc. It is that essential component of sorority membership in which members intentionally take time apart to socialize and fellowship in order to create genuine bonds and connectedness that form lifelong relationships based on affinity, love, trust, respect and shared goals and interests.

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