There is usually only one pharmacist and one or two assistants, and when they are not in sync, as they may have never worked together, things can get rather chaotic. There's not much Kroger stores in Washington State. However there is the possibility that the standards of performance are set by committees, or by people who don’t have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to do a job properly and safely. All Rights Reserved. Now I'd stay far away until Walgreens realizes they actually have to staff their pharmacies. Depends a lot on the clientele temperament. I have heard of new floaters and staff receiving $50/hr or less <32hr per week in Walgreens. Oh the things people say to make themselves feel better. However, now that the impact of those has dried up it is trying to engineer profit growth through cost-cutting and efficiency targets. All rights reserved. I'm lucky to have a good store, a good front end manager and a good PDM that is staying in the same position with the takeover. This is another example of how groupthink is in conflict with the best interest of both the corporation and the consumer. Traditionally it masked this with various corporate deals and mergers. Walgreens pharmacists have complained of being overwhelmed with work to the point of making errors, but a report seems to indicate that this was a message the retailer wanted to keep hidden from the public. As to the Walgreens situation, my experience has been that this is an issue that needs to be corrected at all retail pharmacies, including CVS and all others. I have also worked at CVS years ago when the rph shortage existed and it wasn't much better. I moved from CVS to Rite Aid, and now I'll be turning Walgreens in two weeks. It was a very nice gesture, but when I got my first job as a CPhT, I realized how little I really knew and had to work twice as hard just to catch up on what I should have already been taught. I have a question, did you actually receive a job offer from rite aid (now walgreens)? Sorry You took a job with WAG. You will never retire, you will be put in the ground with a spatula in one hand, mortar + pestle in the other, with your shoulder cradling a telephone against you ear. Or worse. Your a pharmacist but your also a manager/ leader. 10+ Year Member. However, it does point Walgreens to a solution to correct it by increasing training, reporting and hiring more pharmacists to better address their pharmacy needs. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Not true, you love your job and would do it for half the pay. Walgreens pharmacists have complained of being overwhelmed with work to the point of making errors, but a report seems to indicate that this was a message the retailer wanted to keep hidden from the public. A sig code percentage? It would vary greatly depending on which store you were placed in, but on average, I would say no. You will be busy, but it will be easier. Ignoring proper procedures in order to meet corporate metrics is scary; prescription error isn’t just a mistake, it could cost someone their health. See also: every opioid producer and countless other retailers. M. Marzapan. I am currently a grad intern at Walgreens. Store manager is your boss, and some of them can be very nasty. It sucks. have attributed to the entry of tech players like into healthcare. My store is busy, but I have a great RXm and store manager, and DM. When the regular pharmacist came back in the next day, all was resolved. You will be treated as such I am sorry. Probably. Hey all. That's till it hits the fan and then where will you be? Can never get back to proper sleep. We were fiercely protective of what happened under our initials because if our Sig code percentage was off or an error happened we would be responsible and sometimes resulted in disciplinary action. Walgreens claimed that the company learned about the problem informally from interactions at a few stores and that the changes were made to the report to make sure it focused on technology and user experience. Other walg it is ezpz and you are almost bored. If the story becomes more widely repeated, of course, there could well be fallout. The store manager used to be a tech. JavaScript is disabled. What were they measuring you for? It's depressing to see what happens when corporate beats your spirit down to the ground and and you submit to them. I've said this before but I'll say it here. I like Walgreens, especially my store. I'd recommend getting out ASAP. Now I know whenever I'm going to be in a retail/hospital for retail, I'll probably be counting and filling. They used me for free labor to count prescriptions and file hard copies. Walgreens worked last year to disentangle itself from a different scandal — its erstwhile partnership with fraudulent medical testing startup Theranos. Rising prescription drug costs and subsequent consumer shifts to generic drugs, as well as a loss of revenue due to crackdowns on e-cigarette sales, may have also played a role. SIGN-UP FOR RETAILWIRE NEWSLETTERS! When a new med gets added, you go through it again. Are patient satisfaction, pharmacist employee engagement, and professional development included in the metrics? Very low maintenance. I see, I should probably tell her that whenever I'm in externships, it's better to go to a pharmacy that isn't so busy rather than the most popular one. Get rid of the bad apples and build your team. The second part of my comment is that creating a human/patient centric culture could help preventing the implementation policy that had that consequence. Over on Reddit someone mentioned Walgreens cutting pharmacy operating hours to 50 a week (I suppose 9-6 weekdays, 10-3 Sat?) I can’t help but think that a lot of these corporate targets and squeezing the business has come about because Walgreens has neglected to grow the top line of its retail operation. Twentytwelve2. For those who worked at CVS also, is it similar as far as metrics?

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