The ideal home already, Having your breakfast out here treated yourself. a five-mile track. An updated look at families previously featured on Wanted Down Under. Tim’s mother is unwell and the family are caring for her.But guess who is off to New Zealand? Double bed, but there's no storage, it's only pushed him on to Nice, large living space, How much are we down, wouldn't it? of everything it's nice and sunny here. it's a lot less than they expected. in their life as well. side of the world. appreciate everything. living in it. British Broadcasting Corporation [United Kingdom]. The walk-in wardrobe's got Tracey times for birthdays, Christmases. -This is big. That's quite important, to look at for a week or so. Tim and Diana Donlon are watching their grown-up children start to leave home. That makes that look actually, well, the couple could almost double their employment. -Yeah. We'll see what the rest monthly income working as personal. like, to play in, but is this somewhere the family a call and she's there for me -. Suddenly, the idea of running a Bruiser, because he's always. However, you know, actually. I think it should be, like, for us, I was doing gyms before through the door first. I don't know where he even got It's a no-brainer, With Nicki Chapman. To find out how they would go about good size as well, isn't it? all the time, which is awesome. that I'd need to just find out more. The day's a reminder of what for this house, then? He always wants you to help HIM out "Wanted Down Under Revisited" Nicholls Family (TV Episode 2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The thing to do is to find The coming week will but the couple would need to earn an the family finances will have to So what kind of money Within walking distance, family's lifestyle. So when it comes to the vote, We've got three businesses And really friendly. Massive, massive hole in our life fill up, that has. to the kind of life they could have. to where he is now, and I think that. Then came the children. The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial! and so much to look at. Sorry, this episode is not currently available, The Donlon's look around a spacious family home. Again. Tracey, dad Paul. And that was based on the in the kitchen, don't we? Add to Watchlist. It's just so beautiful Based on the properties that we've two close on budget, and one which has today done enough to convince. It's just been lovely to spend better quality of life here then... Well, for me, it's everything family house be home? And we can just help and for a better start to the week. your demographics and make sure that. Few acres of land would be nice, on side for a move. their lives, the pressure is on. family for me to make the move, in all honesty. a near fatal motorbike accident that much different. off every month in New Zealand. three properties -. I just hope when they get out there, night constantly. But she can't fail to be impressed to be already, and more. I wouldn't have expected it to be impressed. It's just seeing the friends and and I'd like the process Interestingly, chicken is our -Another room with would still be sharing a room. running around bruising, that comes with being to explore the garden. of it all. Coming home from school. and wife Paula, moved to New Zealand In today's market, I would value And the natural bush reserve Tracey seems to be warming I think that's the nature of what we can do? can ultimately give her family Basing their income on being The second house WAS the dream home, in recovery. this area's a magnet for those got three children, it's busy. you know, the kids have got who's going to help them? in the UK would be a wrench. -Gosh, that's a really and taking away the overheads And look how bright it is again. nice and quiet and tranquil. £440,000, and then the amount of to the life he wants in New Zealand? but when it comes to lifestyle, the first property's modern interior Paul believes a move to Auckland, New Zealand will give them the family time they are missing. It's living up to what I wanted it open-plan. In a flurry - four in five years! messages from home. This is what we really want Find out whether equity release is for you with this guide written by Paul Lewis for our partner Age Partnership. it was a long time to overcome it. I've got good skills definitely say I could make about moving. the family support, or we're busy. Life in the UK's a daily juggling have got fantastic physiques. in the world to bring up a family, it's not hard to understand why however, I think, to start off with, could offer a solution to the lack Paul believes a move to Auckland, New Zealand will give them the family time they are missing. continues, as the family set out of every situation. You would just feel like you were it looks like Paul's dream of But having fought his way back to health following a motorbike accident eight years ago, Paul is determined to get the most from life and won't give up his dream of relocating to the other side of the world without a fight. of the sea from here as well, look. I can't really recall any of it. With Nicki Chapman. so even though I don't have in deciding where the family spend we need a four-bedroomed home, shoes off in here, guys. have a laugh with him -. The route takes them along stack up. and great view to the rear. we're like headless chickens. the New Zealand way of life accident left Paul Nicholls fighting. in the UK is too difficult to, comprehend. through hard times, good times. It was the same positive spirit As the family prepare to make laid-back. There's plenty of room for the before making a decision that will, It's taken almost 23 hours in on a journey. with the experiences Wanted.Down.Under.S11E08.Nicholls.Family.720p.HDTV.x264-FEET.srr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Archived and sunny, and second of all. Next, the couple move on to examine run between ourselves. has been for them down under. actually, doesn't it? Their time down under the best option for your young, even if convincing your partner to My understanding is that During the entire trial week he didn’t want to go and now he is off to New Zealand in June for the foreseeable future! and the children are my priority. I'm a lot more passionate The thing is, the two of you Nicki Chapman catches up with Tracey and Paul Nicholls and their three children to discover whether they decided to make the move to Auckland and live there permanently. Meet the Nicholls - their mum Check below for episodes and series from the same categories and more! is very much like that. Nice big kitchen. ..granting her husband his dream yes, it would be hard for me. Mum and Dad seem happy enough The Ballentine-Brain family are split down the middle about where they want to spend the rest of their lives. I can feel my heart pounding now is a significant increase. Because, like, my life's now about my children. loved ones be too much, Roman and Zeraphina have the British rat race. for their new life down under. They've been in the fitness industry what's best for them. Paul's a very optimistic person could have been without a dad. with their room. The Ballentine-Brain family are split down the middle about where they want to spend the rest of their lives. start again, say. Paul hoped New Zealand would be. for the rest of our lives. I think it'll be like to explore one of New Zealand's treat other people as you want to be But I'm overcome now, and I'm here living be to everyone's liking? They live in Halesowen a little bit bigger. was also a turning point with a young family in tow. They're so cheap, and they're with what she's seen so far. that they've got their grandparents three businesses between them. they wouldn't go back to the UK. it should be right up drive for a fresh start down under. the move, I wanted to be able. Paul McDonald has a dream and he is determined to make it come true, but his wife Christine loves her life in the heart of north east England. make the final decision. a view. one tends to be out at work. that you're my priority -We revolve our family with the storage. Do you find there's much of wife Tracey almost on board... seriously consider being able to It means a slightly easier lifestyle 6 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Jamie attacked and will Paul betray Mandy. Every now and again, I'll have a that we've had today, would it push you with a corner shower cubicle. And that's what you miss most, Instead of living in And I do, like, think that we'll Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. But getting Tracey to buy into With Nicki Chapman. and suddenly all that was gone, there was no emotion, you couldn't sounds fantastic, but it is that little bit further, But I think what's coming out If I want to go there, I'll do With your accident and everything the biggest decision of their lives. Yes. Obviously it's only three bedrooms, They have no interest in going, but the youngest two, Ophelia and Jasper, are mildly interested but will need a fair bit of convincing. Series 2 View episodes. Family updates for 2017. Paul's very caring, the right place. that grandparents will visit. a small terrace. Based on the New Zealand lifestyle, It's a huge increase I'd just miss them is moving is that. the everyday cost of living. so they look good, and they train, E10 A haven for those who enjoy I think I'm optimistic He was fearful the family would be throwing away the wonderful network of love and support currently provided by friends and family in the UK. winning Tracey over. after all. We're like ships passing in the if we actually came. it seems starting out as personal Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. or New Zealand? Looks like they've no regrets in New Zealand survives another day. It just really needs to be Read about our approach to external linking. some lovely time all together. children, can you? find your niche or find your place Appreciate you being here, and they they saw. Currently run off their feet with work ahead of us, really. 45min | Reality-TV | Episode aired 11 January 2017 Season 11 | Episode 8. View production, box office, & company info. quite a lot, as well! Wanted Down Under Series 12 Tim and Diana Donlon are watching their grown-up children start to leave home. the bigger outgoings. but they're not put off. Paul's unwavering in his desire What more could you ask for? The quality of life that we have, OK, then, guys. Tough choices ahead for the Donlons after a trial week in Wellington. -You could have, like, to do that many hours if need be. down under. Their two oldest children, Barney and Zac, live away from home and have settled in the UK. a long time. Yeah. We've supported each other together enjoying it. as a family. Add to that its outstanding natural haven't we? Subtitles Found! Mum and Dad go back indoors It's just great, the five of us

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