At late Rank VI and Rank VII, HEAT-FS may prove ineffective in many cases due to the prevalence of ERA and composite armour. War Thunder Ground Forces Tank Shells Guide by LB95. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. HE ATGMs are only effective against light vehicles and missile carriers in most cases, despite packing large quantities of HE filler. FW 190 A-4 with 2x MG FF/M - improved MG FF 20mm cannons. © 2020 by Gaijin Games Kft. APHEBC is primarily found on Russian and Italian vehicles earlier in the tech tree as a mid-tier round, and on some American and German vehicles. Additionally, when rate of fire was high enough, another Minengeschoß would be able to enter the hole made by previous shell, and explode deeper in the target aircraft construction, further increasing damage effect and compromising target’s structural integrity. As of Update 1.93, they are available to only the M1A2 Abrams and have an identical icon to the standard HEAT-FS. This HE section is triggered by a fuse in the nose of the shell. Just like HEAT, HESH fires at a lower velocity, so it can properly release it’s chemical energy. HEAT Grenades are available to vehicles with 'recoilless' cannons or other non-standard cannon designs. Depiction of any real-world weapon or vehicle in this game does not mean participation in game development, sponsorship or endorsement by any weapon or vehicle manufacturer. Streamlined Ausf.C 30 mm Minengeschoß carried a smaller filler of 72 grams, but it was still extreme amount. Regular 20 mm Minengeschoß had filling of 18-20 g of PETN, while typical contemporary 20 mm shells of other nations had merely 6-10 g of explosives. HEAT is very useful on lower tiered tanks, especially when it’s penetration is higher than the AP (KwK37). All rights reserved. Keep this in mind, and try to aim for locations that will allow detonation as centrally within the target as possible. APBC is found on some early Russian vehicles, but is relatively uncommon otherwise compared to APCBC. You can also test Minengeschoß for yourself in War Thunder, as they are very frequent in German fighter ammunition belts, accompanied by wide array of incendiary, armour piercing or high explosive tracer shells. Many chemical rounds have a very low muzzle velocity, reducing their effective range but allowing the user to launch them over terrain. A 17 pounder for example starts with normal AP, then upgrades to add a soft cap, then the next adding a balistic cone to the capped shell. How to choose shells for a battle If you have researched and purchased a certain projectile modification for a certain vehicle, but it does not appear in the list of offered shells in … They are available to specialised ATGM carriers such as the Shturm-S. SAMs are very effective at long distances against aircraft, particularly helicopters. When to use this: When you don’t have any better options. Very similar shells could be then found as an ammunition for British ADEN 30 mm autocannons or French DEFA cannons of the same caliber. Unfortunately though, the fuse on a HEAT round must be extremely sensitive, causing the rounds to detonate even on bushes and wooden fences that other chemical rounds of high calibre have a chance to pass through. This reduced fragmentation effect considerably, but also allowed much more explosive filler to be added. In-game, APCBC should be the preferred option given a selection of full-calibre solid shot rounds, when available, and should be situationally switched for APHE rounds if they're available. Despite this, most rounds can be categorised under one of two primary categories: kinetic rounds and chemical rounds; and further under a variety of subcategories. Sub-calibre rounds sacrifice post-penetration effectiveness for high round velocities and high penetration values. The purpose of this is to stop the shell shattering, as the softer metal takes out some of the initial shock, and helping the AP part cut through instead of just being blunted by hardened armour. BK 3,7 gun of 37 mm caliber, found on Ju 87 G-series and Hs 129 attackers, could utilize mine shell, containing nearly 220 grams of PETN, while 50x420R mm ammunition for BK 5 cannon (used on for example Me 410 A-1/U4 , which is also available in War Thunder) carried as much as 350 grams of PETN explosive, making a single shell more than enough to down a heavy bomber. They sacrifice round velocity for long-range precision.

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