Target them first with a guard squad, kill them. ), It could, though. I am NOT arguing with you over whether it's strong or not. I can't think of any of them that function "wrong" in this edition. Does anyone have the Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Rulebook? Markerlights really aren't the same anymore – yes, you need more of them, but for getting rid of one threat a turn, they are much better (since you can now use multiple units to decisively kill that threat, wheras before, you needed the additional markers). I believe all in all, it will be beneficial. More Offers Of Store ››. No IC joining units. But there is one glaring problem: because they're a separate unit and everything has split fire, they can be targeted separately and easily removed. I'll play a couple of games this weekend hopefully with tau and can see how it works on the tabletop. and now kill those overpriced suits a few well-placed d3 or d6 damage shots. ... *NEW* Orks Codex REVIEW TACTICA Warhammer 40K 8th Edition - PART 1 Codex... 465 People Used There isn't much value in it, only because the sniper drones damage output is incredibly negligible and any character that is not tough enough to protect itself will typically have some sort of ablative wound squad (command squad) nearby. Or is the Shield Drone Shield Generator included in the Drones cost? I suspect that it has more to do with the designers wanting to give Tau an expendable way to snatch and hold objectives (something they normally suck at) without having to leave expensive units in assault range. And I wouldn't worry about Riptides, since they're going to be 36" (or more back). That may be the reason for separating out the drones into separate units. The ability to do 1 mortal wound is situational, but super useful. So a smart opponent will target and destroy them first. I like pathfinders though I'm trying to decide how they match up against marker drones. Surprisingly, its price remains just about the same as previously, so it may still be viable. Kroot at 6pts a pop are gonna be really, really important for screening your units against early charges. Now you get +1 BS, re-roll 1s, ignores cover, ignore penalty for moving with heavy weapons and fire unlimited seeker missiles for 5 hits. More Offers Of Store ››. Invocation of the Elements is quite good, with multiple strong abilities usable by all types of units, and morale boosts are critical for Tau. Incorrect on the prototype limit, wording just says when you select a relic. It's an obviously strong rule. Four str 5 shots at 8 points is just good, even without the other things drones have going for them and having to work around the 18" range. Also possibly ignores cover (outside SMS)? Sorry if pointing that out hurt your fragile feelings. It's a strange new world. Still not sold on shield drones as the solution, they'll just attract anti infantry fire and die anyway but can't contribute anything else. Or you could've just had them their…, I don't think any of the Hero of the Chapter-type Stratagems prohibit named characters, only the ones that stack two traits on one Warlord. Still, I was unsure about the drones at 13 points but for 10 points I think they're a steal. Ethereals and named versions seem alright. If so, yeah, I would take a tone of those guys floating near crisis suits. It's a little more mindless to be honest but does require less book keeping. – Pathfinder drones Riptide guns have pretty scary profiles, but it is expeeeeeeeeeensive. Markerlights bonuses are so shit. Just from anecdotal hints GW has dropped in teasers you're looking at either a +1 or +2 cover bonus for infantry (heavy ruins for instance would be +2). (That's right, two SMS systems.). I now need double the marker lights to do anything. 50% on average by using our coupons And I think it's clear that Special Characters, their stuff is included. I mean my plan was just to have endless waves of gun drones moving slowly towards the enemy and laugh every time another unit died. As Prom said – health packs for the army. I'm with Prometheus on this one, I can see where GW was going but that is a lot of build up for little pay off. Though it will mean Tau get hammered on victory pts. Everyone gets the bonus for Markerlights now though, you don't remove counters when the bonuses are used. If the 2d6 assault move is lost that will be a HUGE hit to Tau suit survivability. I think the changes to the to wound chart have really devalued high str, low rof weapons. Good point, you can split fire now with pathfinder teams, that's useful. I missed it for ages too.

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