If you chose SUNFLOWER, then you have a black or dark grey coat. You are respected when you fight for your beliefs, but sometimes you are in the wrong. D. You don't have one specific food that you like, and are partial to them all. Crowfeather's secret half-Clan son tries to make peace between warring Clans, while trying to rescue a sarcastic cat from another Clan, and battles against rogues led by Tigerstar, who actually isn't all that … You are that one misunderstood and hardship stricken character that everyone loves but doesn't quite understand. Warrior cat oc generator- detailed . Moonstorm might be a bit, but me, the great Eaglflame, soon to be Eaglestar? Like the dog, you struggle in paying attention and staying focused. You are quite talented at lying though your clanmates are catching on. I'm dover getting honey fall I mean come on, I got honey fall but I'll still use her as a oc I geuss, I got Honey'fall... i'm bAsIc- people who got Snow'dip: I'm nOt liKe oThEr gIrls (or boys-. Each number will be a different pelt pattern. LEADER SWANSTAR—a short haired, white she-cat, with a blue and cream mackerel calico tail and ears, and hazel eyes.DEPUTY RAVENSTORM—a short haired, black tom, with hazel eyes.MEDICINE CAT RUSSETSTRIPE—a short haired, red ticked tabby tom, with gold eyes.WARRIORS ROOKWHISKER—a short haired, black mackerel tabby she-cat, with … This will be rolled if a cat fails to catch a dangerous snake or rodent. Your eyes are green. I'm scared of everything? Black E,F. No looking beyond this point till your number has been chosen. A cat fighting another cat (or a small dog) rarely ends well, regardless of who is the victor. Favorite color: choose your favorite color and find out the results! Rating helps us to know which quizzes are good and which are bad. I don't remember what i got, but i enjoyed. Good quiz! Seeing as cats cannot die of anything other than old age in the Sims 3, and nothing really ever happens unless you make it, I use a set of random generators that decide what happens during particular events. Or can you choose? This can be a mild cold, a bout of whitecough or even the deadly blackcough. forever :two_hearts: :wave: . (As it says in my name) but I do agree this generator needs more names and such. So I know just how hard it is to come up with a new OC for a story, so here's an easy way to get one! Dark gray I,J. Geez, you are one loud animal. If a cat is crossing a road and a car appears to drive through them, we roll this generator to see what happens. Warriors Character Generator. You rarely let anyone else get a share of the spotlight and absolutely get defensive over prey. And I pick my battles. Your character can have more than one. There’s Boulderspring (mine), Honeyfall, Dovestream and Snowdip. :D But I see that everyone else got it too... ;-; But still! It is convenient for you to copy and save. Which negative trait best describes your cat? Bright and Nasty. Your heart is noble and kind. I am not the best at RP so I apologise if they suck. You are the purest of pure, full of love and gracefulness that earns your clanmates respect. rãt has left. Design your own Allegiances list and start your Warrior Cats Legacy! An elder, a kit and your mate are all drowning. Light brown K,L. Oakheart's grandmother searches for a missing Clan, while reluctantly accompanied by a feisty she-cat, and learns of ThunderClan's medicine cat, who has time travelled to battle them. littleflame tom with ginger coat and blue eyes with white paws and tail tip. Honey is the same prefix as my roleplay cat's mate, named Honeydawn. Fανσяιтє ρяєу: choose your favorite meal. If you chose POP, then you have a combination of both light and darker colors, leaning more towards the purity of a lighter coat. Hope you guys like it, and thanks for participating! When a cat rolls for getting sick in the portrait randomizer, this generator will decide what is wrong with them. Even if you don't have it all the time or even live with housefolk, this is typically where you would go for a quick snack. When a cat’s portrait colour changes, we roll this generator to see what comes out of it. Your misdeeds have earned you a bad reputation for slinking around at night or eating prey when the kits and elders haven't been fed yet. If you make a template with your results and the hashtag #Secretgenerator, then you may be entered in a raffle for a ref sheet for your created character! These are from a roblox RP game that I played and are only used there. The mere presence of a dangerous bird will need to be rolled to see if it carries off a kit. Cats can end up with horrifying scars, missing eyes, ears, nicks and even missing tails. The basic generator was written with the aide of Chaotic Shiny's Phrase Gen but the data, styling, formatting and effort came entirely from Little Island of ChickenSmoothie. ... Or, start fresh with a new randomly-generated list by clicking 'Generate New Allegiances'. Mare and Frankie Lou 04/16/18 . 45. Call the leader. by A warrior. You have the tendency to speak to softly, resulting in your peers frustration by it. :), Wow, Fawncliff is just like my sona Fawnspots, (unless DoveStream isn't a cat name from the quiz ;-;), i tried to get another cat and it was honey'fall, WHAT OTHER CAT IS THERE! If you chose COUNTRY, then your coat is covered with darker markings. Talented at lying, though your clanmates are catching on. Answers just like u want to and then u either get a cat that doesn’t fit you or it’s ur opposite gender :/, I got Boulderspring. All these and more found here on Warriors Amino! You may add or decrease your number of patterns as you please. part 2 … by A warrior. We won't judge. by Moonflower786 Consult StarClan and get your Warrior Name by Rachel Your warrior name! If you chose ROCK, then you have more dark and eccentric patterns along with a mix of light here and there. You enjoy having a full tummy and are a good provider of meals yourself. Your clanmates often have to tell you to calm down and focus and it sometimes gets on their nerves. You have the tendency to raise your voice more than the normal cat. DISCLAIMER! A warrior's life. Consult StarClan and get your Warrior Name. So I know just how hard it is to come up with a new OC for a story, so here's an easy way to get one! (wolves too!! Dark brown M,N. Let's see what this says about the cat! Click the button for your cat! You always get thinks down when needed to be and are a great listener. This generator decides how the cat’s appearance will change forever, and oftentimes, to celebrate a cat’s survival and out of superstition that doing so makes them stronger, the Clan leader changes the name of the cat to match their new injury. Doesn’t everyone hate when there a girl and u answer the. If a twoleg approached a Clan cat and picks them up, pats them or otherwise interacts with them, roll this to decide what happens! fears becoming evil and has put his paws on the dark path before. Thanks. I got I'm afraid of most things but I'm very social and I'm not afraid of most things I'm just very sensible on my dicisions! Make your own Warrior Cat! The basic generator was written with the aide of Chaotic Shiny's Phrase Gen but the data, styling, formatting and effort came entirely from Little Island of ChickenSmoothie. You have put your paws in a dark path before, thus giving you an intermingled reputation. I got something else! Why is everyone getting honeyfall? Have a look around and see what we're about. Princess Leia, Rivi. (dovestream, below me) BUT STILL. Your favorite prey includes a more healthier diet of fish and birds. Favorite/least favorite prey. WARRIOR CAT STUDIO OF WONDERFUL EPIC AWESOMENESS. If a kit “watches” a venomous snake, this generator will also come into use. A better kind of quiz site: no pop-ups, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes Ivymist, I agree but also disagree. If someone corrects you, don't hate em! -_-. You have Amber eyes. While loyal and cuddly, is a bit too oblivious and energetic, COvered in darker markings with darker ears and tail tip, Easily getting offended and easily getting off topic. (Though I did choose random answers), I liked the quiz, I got honeyfall! You are a chatter box for sure and even a bit of a gossip. Calico Y,Z. Light gray G,H. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? On your way to being bad! You have a solid colored coat and light blue eyes. WARRIOR CAT STUDIO OF WONDERFUL EPIC AWESOMENESS Warrior Cats Generators My recent views (add yours) Welcome To The Dark Forest Warrior Cat Games and Generators Warrior Cats Fan Clan Warrior Cats ADD ALL WARRIOR PROJECTS Advertise your project here Projects that you just have to see! that you can create and share on your social network. You may use for inspiration, but DO NOT steal. Dark patterns along with some light here and there. Lavender fur or river Clan) it actually really is just one word like RiverClan and LavenderFur, deputy of thunderclan ,father:Crowsong are from shaddowclan,mother:Sunface. (GET 1000 PROJECTS), warrior cats | animal jam | wings of fire | and more, games add your games and i add more to this, FreeClan, AmbushClan, PolarClan and GrassClan, The Scratch Games of the Warrior Cats Fandom, Some Personal Favourite Generators and Games, Warrior Cat, Cat ,Wolf, and Horse Stuff:dragons too, WonderClan, DeerClan, AshClan, & StarClan RP, SnowClan, FireClan, CheetahClan, + MoonClan, SpringClan, SummerClan, FallClan, and WinterClan RP, BayClan, RainbowClan, MarshClan, and MountainClan, ---______________> Cookies & Fun <____________---, Bluffclan, Pebbleclan, Redclan, Brightclan RP, The Moss-shadow and Wildflight Fan Studio, Random projects (plz add anything you want), warrior cat games,songs and adopts!!! i got boulderspring even though its nothing like what i clickd, YAY! Are you sure you want to delete this comment? What would you do if you were a kit and there was a strange cat in the nursery? 1/10 What would you do if you were a kit and there was a strange cat in the nursery? If you chose K-POP, then you have a lighter coat and about half your body has darker tones. 98. Jk. How dare they. When a cat is trampled by a horse, gets into a fight with a large dog, or rolls to have a conflict with a fox or a badger, this generator will be rolled to determine the results! ! You can also generate personalities by your self, first select the type, simple or detailed, then enter the quantity, click the Generate button to get the result, you can generate up to 100 kinds of personality at a time. I hope you like this, even though they aren't the best. This is a remake of my older generator, which I will link Here if you want to go check that one out as well.

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