Then, one night, David came home late one night. Salem Media Group. "David is home," Pierce wrote on her Facebook page Tuesday evening after posting several earlier updates about his condition. “I pulled at it, and under, it was full of cans and bottles, all empty. He was stumbling, slurring his words and not making any sense. She penned th… He was good looking, with brown, wavy hair, smart, a guitarist and a state champ wrestler – in the 100-pound weight class. Brain surgery couldn't save him, and doctors removed him from life support. Please open it and confirm your subscription. Then, one night, David came home late. But it wasn’t easy. California - CCPA Notice, Doctors Turn To Prayer When There's Nothing More They Can Do For Sick Girl, This Football Player's Life Was Saved By A Saint. Before long, Chonda gave birth to a daughter, then later a son, and they were a family of four. “I pulled at it, and under, it was full of cans and bottles, all empty. Empowering teaching & encouragement for women. "David is home," Pierce wrote on her Facebook page Tuesday evening after posting several earlier updates about his condition. or so she thought. Chonda took him right back to rehab the same night. This difficult time only intensified the estranged relationship Chonda had with her daughter, made even worse when Chonda lost her own mother in the middle of it. “Then what sets in is a great peace to know that he’s at peace. Perhaps that's why Christian comic Chonda Pierce is in the business of comedy. 10 Churches You Might Want to Avoid. She eventually wound up in the garage, where she noticed a tarp. Sadly, David never managed to overcome his alcoholism, and his last year was a rollercoaster of ups and downs. During David’s last year alive, Chonda remembers good and bad weekends. Other Salem Web Network sites include: And just so hurt.”, Nashville boy grieves for the Irish mom he never knew. David spent 30 days getting help at a treatment center, and Chonda sold their Murfreesboro home. He died three years later of a stroke. I just sat on that garage floor.”. And true to His promise, he has brought comfort, and also laughter. I have no other words," she wrote. As always, Chonda was by his side. Privacy Policy / David went to treatment at Cumberland Heights for 30 days in 2011, and Chonda sold their Murfreesboro home – to free herself of painful memories – and moved them both to a downtown Nashville condo. Get Charisma's best content delivered right to your inbox! Copyright © 2020, . #2 Fall Book Bundles: Click Here to view all our bundles and save up to 72%! I think he really dwells with us. Because of the drinking, David had a stroke in 2013. Chonda dealt with the pain by crying often. In the middle of all that, Chonda’s mother died. But now she's opening up about her personal life, particularly the struggles she's faced with her husband's fatal addiction to alcohol, in a documentary called “Laughing in the Dark.” Her story is powerful. Pierce has been open about her testimony of enduring abuse, depression and the death of two sisters, which she has used to heal hearts through laughter for more than 20 years. Besides her work as a comedian, she is a spokesperson for World Vision and works with several other Christian leaders and organizations. In his last conversation, David looked at his wife: “I messed up, hun.”, “He said, ‘I love you’ and he said he was sorry. Chonda, a preacher’s kid from Ashland City, grew up hearing that alcohol was evil, and if she drank, she was going to hell in a handbasket. Eventually, the daughter got married, had her own children and cut off all contact with her parents. “I look back and sometimes say, ‘Why haven’t I given up?’” she said. Chonda was pretty popular herself, and she and David formed a friendship that turned romantic. He’s having a stroke, she thought. Sadly, David never managed to overcome his alcoholism, he frequented rehab and counseling outlets until he had a stroke in 2013. “I do believe it was a providential thing. Charisma News - Informing believers with news from a Spirit-filled perspective, Chonda Pierce’s Husband Dies Following Emergency Brain Surgery, Click here to subscribe to the Charisma News newsletter. Left to right, Chera,. Reach Brad Schmitt at 615-259-8384 or on Twitter @bradschmitt. Fall Subscription Offer: Subscribe to Charisma for Only $18 and get Steve Strang's newest book as a free gift, God, Trump, and COVID-19. Prophetic messages from respected leaders & news of how God is moving throughout the world. He is in God's hands completely now. As the daughter grew into an adult, she started to harbor resentments against her parents, including how much time her mom spent on the road, Chonda said. But the embarrassment soon gave way to anger. But a few months later, David was back in rehab. Chonda, a beloved Christian comedian, always has shared intimate parts of her life with millions of fans at concerts and through recordings. Eventually Chera got married, had kids and cut off all contact with the family. While her husband was away at the hospital, a hurt and stunned Chonda wandered around the house. After the wedding, the couple had a daughter and a son, and their ... Pierce said he had no chance without surgery, minimal with surgery, and he was headed in for emergency brain surgery. About 9 p.m., David, saying he had missed driving, went to pick up some food for their dog, Jack. And Chonda lost two sisters in two years, one in a car crash, the other to leukemia. Part of that resentment stemmed from the fact that Chonda's career required her to spend a lot of time on the road. What: Sam’s Place – Music for the Spirit, hosted by Steven Curtis Chapman, with performances by Pierce, Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels, The Gettys and The SteelDrivers, Website:, What: “Laughing in the Dark” documentary on DVD. Chonda and David met in high school in Ashland City, Tennessee. “I don’t know if I’m incredibly optimistic, or I have such a strength in faith. In the middle of the crisis, Chonda Pierce lost her mother and her relationship with her estranged daughter grew worse. It was hard on her parents. I have begged God to allow him to stay here -- whole and healthy. In their final conversation, David looked at his devoted wife and said, “I messed up, hun.”. Christian comedian Chonda Pierce's husband, David, died Tuesday night following emergency brain surgery. Where: Available at Walmart, Christian bookstores and on online outlets including Click here to subscribe to the Charisma News newsletter. Chonda Pierce is an American Christian comedian, author, television host and singer., Chonda has always been candid in her comedy routines. That proved to be painful for David and Chonda – and Chonda, who cried about it often, started to notice her husband having a drink or two here and there. “So I could take him,” Chonda joked. October 19, 2017 The night he got out, Chonda made him sausage, meatballs and spaghetti dinner, and they ate by candlelight. 28 Mar 2016 ... Christian comedian Chonda Pierce and her family in 1994. After admitting he had a problem, her husband went into rehab and counseling, but David never beat his addiction. Frantic, she called an ambulance to their Murfreesboro home. But while there, he picked up a case of beer for himself, drinking nine in the parking lot. Credit: I know I can’t go back and fix that or change that. Chonda tragically lost two of her sisters in two years -- one in a car crash and the other to leukemia. "Let's now return the gift by helping lighten her financial load in this heartbreaking time of the loss of her sweet husband, David W. She takes that vulnerability to a new level in a documentary about losing her husband, “Laughing in the Dark,” out April 5 on DVD. Then, there was that night David came home late slurring his words, and he ended up drunk in the hospital overnight while his wife wondered what was happening. "Removed a large portion of damaged area, and there was a lot of bleeding. Never miss a big news story again. He went to Kroger, bought a case of beer, and drank nine cans in the parking lot.

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