I may not love who Hannah has married, but I still enjoy the mysteries, town, and the characters. The food channel competition was stupid. Will this be the last book in the series? And Norman and Mike agree to be in the wedding? For instance a sentence might say. Sweeney currently stars and executive produces “Chronicle Mysteries,” which she co-created based on her passion for true crime podcasts with serial storytelling. And solving a murder! I can't stand it. It is almost as if the author is being paid by the word. I know they are friends, but that just seems to cross a strange line. [I really can't believe that Fluke married off Hannah and to the wrong man. Mike is sort of an ass and Norman is waaay too nice (as in doormat nice) and I thought it verged on cruelty that Hannah could not decide between the two of them so continued to 'have them' both. But putting that aside, I still do enjoy the books. I don't think I've actually liked any of these books. Sweeney’s love for storytelling has extended to penning several novels, based on her Hollywood insider’s knowledge and her keen sense of romance and fun. Snooze alert. We never hear those names ever mentioned again in the book. So I don't think she is in for a perfect marriage. That being said, I'm sooooo disappointed in this book - it's just dumb! I know that these books rarely get good reviews. I haven't been happy with the past several in the series, and this one only escalates the writing problems. Opportunity Knocks (2016) was from the perspective of a fledgling makeup artist. Amid this turmoil, the head judge is murdered and Hannah wants to find his killer before the wedding. I don't think it was a good sign when I was hoping that the killer in this book would finally do her in!!! Maybe he will fall overboard on the honeymoon cruise. You wouldn't know it from my two stars, but I have actually loved this series. I THOUGHT that was a positive, but no. I kept hoping Ross would turn out to be either the murder victim or the killer. I always find myself confused when I'm reading them. And competing on a baking show. In typical Hannah fashion, she confronted the murderer...casually on the way to her own wedding. Anyone else who will feel cheated? “Michelle’s Note: When I make these at my rented house just off the Macalester campus, I put the rolls in a box and write “FROZEN KIDNEYS FOR HANNAH’S CAT” on the box. I love the characters. That whole scenario became more sickening with each book and I can't help but wonder if it's the author's biggest fantasy to have two (3?) This is supposed to be a mystery, a cozy but still a mystery- I don't want to read about people moaning over desserts that are 'so clever and just the right amount of crispy around the edges' and then hear everyone else agree for a good third of the text. Her previous movies for Crown Media Family Networks include “Christmas at Holly Lodge,” “The Irresistible Blueberry Farm,” “Love on the Air” and the “Murder She Baked” franchise. This is a pretty rough book. Yawn. Three books ago, when Hannah got engaged to Ross Barton, I was thrilled. Alison Sweeney is an award-winning actress, producer, director, content supplier, TV host and author who constantly inspires her 1.5+ million social media followers with her balance of career and her focus on family, health and wellness. I'm so glad this ending was just classic Hannah Swenson and I am so happy she's actually married! I always thought the exceedingly drawn out triangle between Hannah, Norman and Mike was off putting. I loved this installment in the Hannah Swensen series. I went to the book signing of this the other day and she has more coming out. They are going back to are going back to Lake Eden for rest of the contest. It's terrible. This is the first book I’ve ever read by this author so not being familiar with prior stories or the characters, my perspective is going to be quite a bit different than someone who has followed the series. And even though Hannah goes on about Lake Eden being the best place in the world and the only place she'd like to live; I have a feeling the author will end with her moving away. If she marries Ross I will extremely disappointed; but I have a feeling the author is heading that way as I just read Blackberry Pie Murder and it gives me a feeling that the series is winding to an end. Like Hannah Swensen, Joanne Fluke grew up in a small town in rural Minnesota where her neighbors were friendly, the winters were fierce, and the biggest scandal was the spotting of unidentified male undergarments on a young widow's clothesline. I always find myself confused when I'm reading them. I may not love who Hannah has married, but I still enjoy the mysteries, town, and the characters. A guy we have met a grand total of what 3 other times? The characters are becoming more and more pretentious and outright la, Whenever you finish reading a chapter in a book and you roll your eyes or audibly gag or groan it's probably time to stop reading that book. It is almost becoming a 'have got to hit the word count without wanting to put in the effort of coming up with an actual compelling story' situation. A very disappointing book all around. Having read 14 of the books in the series, and then giving up due to the absolutely ridiculous love triangle, I went back to the series knowing that the love triangle had been done away with in the previous book. Do yourself a favor, and skip this yawner.

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