General In the episode, "Self Made Man", dialogue from John reveals that Charley left Los Angeles following his wife's funeral. Matt Murch, portrayed by Shane Edelman, is the lead engineer and programmer in Project Babylon that evolved into John Henry AI. Allison Young, portrayed by Summer Glau, in the episode "Allison from Palmdale", is the daughter of an architect who taught her to draw and Claire Young, a music teacher who listens to the music of Frédéric Chopin for hours on end. On her way to the escape pod, she encounters T-1001 who gives her a message: "Tell John Connor that the answer is no." He calls his uncle a stool pigeon. Barbara Chamberlain was the city manager of Los Angeles, whose project would have become a part of Skynet's future infrastructure. After the operation, Derek Reese enters the room, and thinking him to be Sarah's abusive boyfriend, Felicia pulls a gun on Derek. Jesse and Derek quickly begin a brief but passionate relationship, as Derek is soon sent to the past with three other resistance soldiers on a mission to halt Skynet's construction. It's also seen that John Henry is no longer connected to the server farm in the basement, gaining mobility via what seems to be Cameron's chip. Enrique is killed by Cameron after Sarah suspects that Enrique is a traitor, which later proves to be true. Cromartie dove into the ocean after John, and sank to the bottom, nearly dragging John down with it, though John escaped by a narrow margin. Winston's apparent death led Sarah to have insomnia for weeks as she feels guilty over killing him and leaving his wife, Diana, widowed. Warren was holidaying with Lauren in New Zealand when he suspected something was amiss on the first night of their trip when she was behaving 'very differently' to her usual self. In contrast to her obvious disdain for reprogrammed terminators in the present, Jesse seems to get along with Queeg, trusting him with delicate maneuvers of the ship in battle, and later defending him when he alters course for a secret mission to pick up a package in well defended Skynet waters. Savannah understands that her mother is different, and subsequent psychological treatment reveals that she is frightened and wants her "old Mommy back" This is interpreted to mean that she wants her mother to be warm and affectionate as she was prior to Lachlan's death. During roll call, when John acknowledges his attendance, Cromartie removes a concealed pistol and attempts to kill John. She is the mother of John Connor who will one day become the leader of the human resistance. While interrogating her, Skynet copies her appearance for the Terminator that became known as Cameron. Carlos is portrayed by Jesse Garcia. He is ostracised by the plant's workers, not because his prior cancer is a bad omen, but because his negative inspection reports threaten the plant's operations license and thus their jobs. Intercepting them right before they travel to 2007, it ends up shot by an energy rifle that was hidden in the vault and is supposedly destroyed. John Henry does not understand that death is permanent for humans. Terissa Dyson is portrayed by Charlayne Woodard. Once accessed, her chip self-destructs.

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