Just go to the place he went last and you'll be almost untouchable. I greatly enjoyed 90% of the game. The keys weren't "hidden" in places you needed to figure out how to find; they were almost exclusively stuck behind sprites so that you had to touch every space of ground to find them. If you are having trouble, the temple is the one with the small tree/stump in the center. The fox is cute, controls are smooth, and it's difficult to find everything.

Read Kero's post, he has everything else you'll need, but the boss strategy is more simple. Then just drop down and wait again. once you have read the sign walk to the right and sit on the big-ish rectangle. I just wish there was more to the game.

I have tried it stationary, while running, while falling, but no luck. William and Sly feels like the casual gameplay equivalent of one of those relaxation CDs, only instead of whale songs we've got a lovely landscape to explore with some very fun platforming. If it flies with its mouth shut low, then it'll fly with its mouth open high, and if its mouth is closed when it flies high, it'll fly with its mouth open low. I do like having a game where you really don't have to worry about jumps as you know it'll always take you some place interesting. The boss was hard though. I probably could have continued without it but a bug like that makes me unwilling to stick with a game. i <3 this game soooo much! In them you might have to escape a room. The ending had me confused for a little but the pattern's quite obvious once you look for it. The platforms and trees are placed at logical intervals so running and leaping through them feels natural and breezy, and you'll get more adept at spotting corners where hidden mushrooms may lie. Some dogs can be trained to hunt them for you, the real trick is to get one who will find the rare mushroom and then sit and wait for you to catch up, instead of devouring it. It's not as hard after that. Although, maybe the snake eats them before you can use them anyway? Just love the game, so addictive. The Last Survivors. We add new games every day and only the best games! Ads are distracting, can get in the way of your gaming, and sometimes slow down your computer. Luckily, he knows a fox who’s willing to help him out. Then comes a final boss who is... annoying and seemingly unbeatable. BOOM ... Nicky Out. The boss fight came out of left field and was really frustrating, unlike the more serene exploration of the rest of the game. Luckily, he knows a fox who’s willing to help him out. Click here for more information. :( After the game loads, goes through the ad, and shows all the Newgrounds things, the screen just goes black.

You searched for william and sly 3 and we found the following from our collection of online games. Ten minutes in, once you know about all the different parts, it was a long, long level 1.

Watch the ninja battle it out with these stick men mercenaries as they try to get you. Gaining helpful abilities involves your platforming and puzzle … I mean, for the last two thirds of William and Sly, I was trying to figure out how to explain why I didn't like this game, while playing. I nearly enjoyed it.

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