Hello, I have a poem about men Burroughs as I encountered his work as a young person and was wondering if I could send it to you? god dammit, something must’ve gone wrong, i go down full throttle, examining my head, Playing tug-of-war with this rueful rolling mix of brain waves, Flowing freely, And with concentric outward ripples of fading memories Mr. Burroughs' poetry reminds me of John Milton's poetry. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge... Recite this poem (upload your own video or voice file). Oliver Harris has broached the question in his essay “‘Burroughs Is a Poet Too, Really’: The Poetics of Minutes to Go.” Harris writes that, in Minutes to Go, poetry “is not understood in terms of words on the page but as the ‘place’ reached by a particular use of chance operations on pre-existing words.” It is a method “to be grasped by doing,” not a “content to be understood by interpretation.” This insightful analysis could serve as an introduction to this somewhat quixotic attempt to collect the poetry of William Burroughs, and Oliver Harris has very graciously allowed RealityStudio to republish it. CANCER MEN. It is in his use of the music of language: the way consonants act as delimiters of vowel sounds, the way tempo varies (different from the concept of 'feet') , the way I feel the changes in volume when reading the poems aloud to myself. 13 thoughts on “ The Poetry of William S. Burroughs ” Davee Mac says: August 6, 2010 at 8:51 am iiiiiiiiiinteresting… need to read this properly later. Published by RealityStudio on 4 August 2010. Mr. Burroughs' poetry reminds me of John Milton's poetry. Mr. Harris fills in the gaps of this cut-up with a definitively interesting interpretation (however clear he insists this cut-up is) that you could say was directly borrowed from Noam Chomsky’s highly questionable and ahistoric approach to language acquisition and the predetermination of grammar. For like all “brujos” know, the machine can only be fought with the machine: “the way in is the way out”. an impressive peioce of work – i admit i tend to think only of the cut-ups as ‘the 3 cut-up novels’ (and the shorter stories/chapters/pieces) – is ‘Minutes To Go’ still commercially avaialable? If not, that may be one barrier to its being widely considered by scholars (and us readers!). Blood time brown blood’. I think you are remembering “Scrambles” which was a one-time piece for the International Times in July 17, 1970, which was then re-printed in the LA Free Press as “This Man Has Been Scrambled” on Aug. 21, 1970. 10 for it. i bemoan, “That which is pushed eventually must fall over”, And freedoms breath is cupped with this action, a suffocating squeeze, Attempting to throw me hard toward kingdom-come…, And remorse burns introspection until blurred, As whirlwinds of self-analysis triggers a flapping numb, i bemoan, “There’s so much bitterness and bad memories consigned”. . Davee mac says: August 7, 2010 at 5:41 am well, i’ve read most it now . . Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s time to go down in the basement of our collective mind. Bio-control the London conference.. it was out sheep cattle and animals have wild system…. My heart maneuvers through the scenery; a block of ice, (The angry tongue splinters and then bullies, why? Is the enemy, of my well executed smarts…? It is damp and musty, poorly lit, a very low ceiling and in places very dark. . Didn’t William have a column in a Los Angles newspaper called: Cursed from Birth: The Short, Unhappy Life of William S. Burroughs Jr. Yes, i get into the same bed each night trying to go to sleep, Once you’ve been marked it’s finished, done, So, run my friends, and hide your face – cower in fear, Now there’s nothing left to say, as turmoil builds in me. It’s all concrete poetry of rationalism crumbled and reassembled. "lustre of stumps rinses his lavender horizenfeeling the boy groan and what it meantface of a lousy kid on the doctor's tableI was the shadow of the waxing evening and strange window panes.I was the smudge and whine of missed times in the reflected skypoints of polluted water under his lavender horizen window panesmudge scrawled by some boy cold lost marbles in the roomthe ... William Burroughs Poems - Poems of William Burroughs - Poem Hunter. Pistol Poem 3 (A William Burroughs Birthday Book, 1994) Published by RealityStudio on 4 August 2010. Obviously a cut and paste monstrosity...a waste of time! No wonder WSB has his critics, and they are justified in their criticism...the old beats could be so goddamned naïve! Ahh, but the dice cannot read their own spots, i’m poking ‘round in the archaeological digs. Burroughs i fall virtually invisible while moonbeams and razor blades i’m realyl excited by the new attention being given to cut-ups, on this site and in the promised forthcoming book ‘Shift Linguals’ – it has really energised my interest in writing again. Minutes to Go is long out of print but it’s not that expensive to pick up on ebay. more », This text arranged in my New York loft, which is the converted locker room of an old YMCA. Its so hard to remember in the world Werent you there Dead so youthink of ports Couldnt reach flesh Might have to reach flesh from. After all, Burroughs paid about as much obeisance to genre or medium as he did to the law. Page “You could say that further interpretation is simply not possible; but the cumulative effect of such texts, enhanced by repetition of words and phrases across several of them, is still clear enough; to invite us to infer a calculated relation between language and the genetic code, twin deterministic systems subject here to systematic scrambling by the use of chance procedures.”. . great project, preservation of WSB stuff is very important, wanted to use some of this material in voice over, want read it in a recording with full credit to WSB, please let me know if that’s ok, will wait for a response, check http://www.soundcloud.com/narcissusandthefools for what I do, and contact at dvwolfman@gmail.com, I am publishing under CC creative commons non-commerical attribution currently, thanks. The action. To make the case that he was also a poet is neither revisionist nor perverse but absurd. For instance, i have just started reading properly ‘Ticket’ purely because it has been released in a new edition which i picked up in a high street music shop! (Oh my empty moon, when looking up the skirt of the night sky, A dizzying stillness amongst liquid but razor sharp moonbeams. William Burroughs cited T. S. Eliot 's 1922 poem, The Waste Land, and John Dos Passos ' U.S.A. trilogy, which incorporated newspaper clippings, as early examples of the cut ups he popularized. After all, Burroughs paid about as much obeisance t . The creative mental energy expended. ), How deathly afraid was i now of my frayed angel hair (a tangled mess), i don’t think any one man’s life is really that important…, But what he does with it and leaves behind is, The ticking clock comes singing / all angry and accusatory, Often not much has changed in our actual life –.

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