My partners were pretty close, except for one who had started oiling his bolt and return springs earlier and was still in business through 70 boxes. The test SX4 was a three-shot model (permissible on a normal shotgun certficate), but there is a five-shot option if you have the relevant permissions, not to mention a wooden-stocked Field model with a 3” chamber (RRP £725), and a 3½” Mossy Oak Break-up Country camo gun for £771. $1,069.99. In truth, our hard-ridden V3s were grungier than a stray dog, though it was limited to an 8-inch swath. Benelli contends its ComfortTech3 stock dramatically slashes felt recoil. Also, let’s recognize an enduro shoot in the Argentine dove fields really isn’t apples-to-apples with the abuse dished out to our working shotguns here in the USA.

But because the V3’s calling card is an innovative action design that is claimed to run cleaner and to shoot softer, we were curious. I was running a single-shot before emptying the next box, my 60th all told. I’ll detail below what we found upon cleaning, but nonetheless must salute this design for how neatly it disassembles. The Gold/Fusion was the design from which the SXs evolved, and were notable for some very clever innovations, in particular a variable venting gas piston and new sort of cocking sleeve made from glass-fibre-reinforced nylon. That gas impels two small pistons secured in a breechblock on the underside of the barrel, which in turn retract the bolt. The balance point has moved forward slightly, giving a more natural mount and a smoother swing. Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - now in English! Why not? ), 8:56 Colt Trooper M4Colt LE6920-R AR15 -Unboxing and initial thoughts HD, Single Stack 9mm: Glock G43 vs. Smith & Wesson Shield, Pros and cons: M-LOK and KEYMOD vs PICATINNY Mil-Std-1913 RAIL. If ever a methodology was devised not only to yield answers but also to please the testers, this was it. Yes, Kick-Off hardware heavies up the butt, but A400 owners swear it’s worth it. I have been using it for many years and it sets the standard for professional shotgun and rifle instruction in the UK. Like our northern teal, these dwarf ducks were fast, jerky fliers, and though occasional bunches stooled to the spreads, most buzzed our sets barely skipping a wingbeat. After the first box of shells I started to get it, except on direct incomers. There is also an improved trigger mechanism, though in the test gun the pulls were quite heavy (forcing me to resort to the first joint of my trigger finger in live firing). However, if your heartthrob is a 20-gauge, you’ll have to mine the SX3 line where 20-gauges now predominate. Some residue formed on the barrel surface, but mostly collected on the piston. For supporting GunStreamer at this tier, we will mail you one of our lovely GunStreamer patches! We booked 3½ days with Argentina Big Hunting in the famed Entre Rios province, where visiting sports find a wingshooting trifecta that combines ducks and perdiz with prodigious doves. Perverse as that sounds, be assured our reason for doing so was strictly analytic, beginning with an examination of the operational limits of Remington’s relatively new V3 self-loader. American Hunter Field Editor/long-time Benelli owner Jeff Johnston agrees, even after a marathon, multi-species shakedown of the current SBE3 in New Zealand. Four New Workhorse ShotgunsThe Remington V3’s operating mechanism is neatly contained between the rear of the receiver and the breech. No, you don’t need to push a gun until it fails to feed, to eject, to fire or until it's impossible to load in order to know what you’ve got.

With that well-deserved plug given, I will note that Chris and I were genuinely impressed with the SX4, especially at the price point. At the price, there is very little to compare the SX4 with. Aesthetically, you could not ask for more for the money; the plain decoration and smart form are just the ticket for a modern working gun. Stock shapes have been improved and there is a new 25mm Inflex recoil pad. For each bird targeted, hundreds skated by unscathed. This Super X4 follows on the heels of the most successful Winchester autoloader ever: the Super X3 Black Shadow. The smart, black anodised action and streamlined stock and fore-end ticked my boxes. In the name of science, and with the blessing of Remington execs, we headed to the dove fields of Argentina, the one place on Earth sure to yield a “cry-uncle” volume of real-world wingshooting. The action is almost the same as the SX3, but sadly there is no shim kit for stock adjustments, and there are some other small changes. OTHER PRODUCTS WE USE Shoot our AR Rifles Alex Pro Firearms Scopes | Range Finders | Spotting Scopes | Binoculars Vortex Optics Shoot our Crossbow Ravin R15 Shoot our Shotguns: SX4 | SX3 Sporting | LongBeard | SXP (pump) Great shots require great ammo Clay Shooting: Winchester AA Waterfowl: Blindside Turkey: LongBeard XR Pheasant: Rooster XR Predators: VarmintX Deer: Deer Season XP Big Game & Long Range: Expedition Big Game Make your firearm of a kind with a custom paint job. You currently have JavaScript disabled, functionality will be limited, 10 best cartridges for late season pheasant, How to: get your own shooting permissions. The RiverlandsArriving at midday, weary but eager, we took time for lunch, beginning with tapas featuring the peppery lean meat of a capybara taken that morning by a young American on holiday with his dad. Winchester used much of the same internal components from the SX3 for the SX4, so from that side of things, not much has changed. “The gun was silly clean ... didn’t even look that dirty, and that’s because I really do think the inertia action does a great job of blowing grime out the barrel.” Its design involves minimal parts, so cleaning is easy, at least until time to remove the buttstock to get at the recoil spring and cup. These are not generally features of the SX (although the 20-bore model Super X 3 does have a mag cut-off, just to be different). In this video we break down the major differences between the SX4 and the SX3 and what we think about the new SX4 shotgun. Encircling the magazine tube, the stout spring and its carrier are shoved rearward by a gas-actuated piston located inside the magazine cap. Privacy Policy   •   Contact Us   •   Warnings   •   FAQs   •  © 2020 National Rifle Association of America. Given periodic cleaning most scatterguns deliver long, faithful service, and hunters rarely shoot enough to wear out the parts. In the groove, those guys were hitting nearly every shot. Essentially, the SX4 is a slightly simplified SX3. This is not a gun-cleaning article, though passages on cleaning are key to the story. The SX4 replaces the older and excellent SX3. A replacement to the much-acclaimed SX3, the SX4 has topped the charts as an entry-level hunting shotgun for the masses that is easy to use and has great recoil management. Your 40-Year Gun? Get the American Hunter Insider newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. “I purposely did not clean it once during a week of hunting, but rather abused it with mud and more than 1,000 shots,” he wrote. As such, let’s broaden the scope by comparing the V3 with three popular competing models also known as tough, trustworthy tools, yet at the same time, shooter-friendly.

The Winchester SX4 is a relative newcomer, but utilizes an operation proven in Browning Gold and Winchester SX3 autoloaders. The grip is not too big and is pleasantly shaped; for my hand it could have been a fraction bigger, especially to the underside. One partner timidly declared he wasn’t eating “rat,” and indeed this South American critter growing up to 160 pounds is the world’s largest rodent. 10% OFF custom molded ear pro with “Gould10” WildEar You only got one set of eyes , keep 'em protected 25% OFF all ESS ballistic eyewear with “GBX25” ESS Eye Pro Sometimes you just need to blow something up Sonic Boom Exploding Targets Nutrition is one of the keys to peak performance and we use MTN OPS to keep us going strong. With dusk approaching and empty hulls from two-plus cases forming a brass-and-green carpet around my stool, I traded gun for camera and went to visit my partners. The Winchester SX4 is a premier line of shotguns from the makers of some of the greatest rifles in the world.

Frankly I’m not sure what mine is. First it stopped short of complete lock-up after cycling, then it failed to eject empties. We subject them to heavier loads, longer shells, steel and tungsten shot, frigid temperatures, mud, snow, rain, saltwater, boat rides and 100-pound retrievers. That put a kink in our swings. A genuine recoil-tamer, its centralized weight also intends to make shooting more intuitive. Since all moving parts pull out easily, clean-up went quickly, including swabbing the inside. For clays and/or upland shooting, the moderate weight will be an enticement, as is the pricing at $1,070 MSRP. Upon firing, propellant gases vent through tiny ports adjacent to the shell chamber. Against blue skies doves sped through in waves, and there always were more in V3 range. First off, we have to admit, we were a little concerned when we heard that Winchester was releasing the SX4. Winchester took the fast, reliable, light recoiling SX3 and made it even better! Instead we opted for the local combo specialty, half-days on the dove stands, and other time ambushing ducks and/or following pointers to quail-like perdiz.

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