We are driven by envy of them is a bad case to make; a quarrel spawned by jealousy is not easy to settle. He-who-will-not-listen-to-talk, he-who-will-not-listen-to-counsel, who drinks water with the bare hand. Arngbr ni y m oy dl; asrtete ry j. (One should not save other's at the cost of one's own safety. [22], A-fas-gbj tan ara-a r j. (Better take care of problems before relaxing.) Colonial policemen wore notoriously short pants as part of their uniform, giving rise to the suggestion or speculation that they were made out of remnants. ✬ Alágbẹ̀dẹ tó nlu irin lójú kan, ó lóhun tó fẹ́ fàyọ ńbẹ̀ / Every person has a reason for doing what they do. One does not count a fetus among living children. (It is in the nature of sheep to follow and to lack initiative. (The task to which one gives the highest priority does not suffer.). It is the leavings from his table that the farmer sells.

✬ Àmójúkúrò ni í mú ẹ̀mí ìfẹ́ gùn / Nobody’s perfect, learn to accept other people’s flaws. . (Precautions are useful only before the event. ), tr b e kk k gb e fn t yw; a n ti f ynyn. (Too much of a good thing can be dangerous.).
Washing one's hands before meals is both a health requirement and a mark of social grace. A trader in soap does not make big money. [Back to text], 15. (The well bred person is always mindful of his/her obligations. He-who-carries-live-coals-in-his-palm does not tarry. One does not eat I almost in a stew. (Always be careful in handling dangerous matters.). When wood breaks it can be repaired, but ivory breaks forever. A k fi in sr rl sn. . ), jk l mayo. ), p- fi w mww b nu; p, a-bjun-wm-wm. ), Aj t lt - dgb. (One learns from experience and maturity. ✬ Tí aṣeni bá ní ibi mẹ́fà, yóò fi ìkan tàbí méjì ṣe ara rẹ̀ / What goes around eventually comes around. Currently offering an instant 20% off code you can use on your order. ), A k fi oko sin fn wf. Compare A k m oko m j..., And A k w mj kran m j kan. A k n gb nl w gb rde. Tortoise says that since the day it learned the trick of saying yes its neck has ceased to shrink. (This is a variant of Aj ti ere r b dnilj . ). Compare A k fi ej . ), A-j-m-bj, t fi oj n wran. (When one does what one is a true expert at doing, it seems like performing magic.) ; do you know if he has invoked good or evil? (Ineptitude makes an impossible job of the easiest tasks.) The expression, m in, means to know (someone's) mind. (Never make fun of afflicted people by mimicking their affliction.) It is customary for litigants in Yoruba courts to state their cases on their knees. (Adding water is a means of stretching stew. ), Atgn gb.

[11], A n km m k, o n k j bb k j y. As long as one assumes humility, people will let one be.)
The maize plant is not a human being; who ever saw children on the back of elephant grass? A sacrifice was prescribed for the vulture, but it refused to sacrifice; a sacrifice was prescribed for the ground-hornbill, but it declined to sacrifice; a sacrifice was prescribed for the pigeon, and it gathered the prescribed materials and made the sacrifice. The leper says that he trusts his relatives on a certain matter; he says when he goes on a journey, they would not dare use his sponge to wash themselves. (One who says yes to every request avoids a great many arguments.) ), A k m bn tetere. (One should steer clear of actionable behavior.) (People have a knack for skirting dangerous or distasteful situations. (Self-preservation is a compulsory project for all.

(Supplement rather than deplete. (Those who are patient will have the best of things. (A person cannot transcend his/her destiny.) If you want to go fast, go alone. Almost at once sweet peace returned to my heart, and my gratitude for answered prayer sang itself in the lines of my hymn”: “Hold Thou my hand, so weak I am and helpless I dare not take one step without Thy aid; Hold Thou my hand, for then, O loving Saviour, No dread of ill shall make my soul afraid.”

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✬ Ojú tó rí ibi tí ò fọ́, ire ló ńdúró de / The best has yet to come.

It's the start of a new week, which means it's time to shake off your weekend, take a deep breath and try to think positive, energizing thoughts. One does not weigh the head down with a load that belongs to the belly. (Telling someone what he or she already knows is silly.) (Never count your chickens before they are hatched. (One should know when the time is ripe to head for home. Compare: ni b m p ynn m. A-p--j k j bj. A dog without ears is no good for stalking prey. gbdo k e yn;ta n r m lhn esn?

[17], Ad l ti wy sunkn ehn. (When danger lurks, the wisest course is to run for safety. ), km kn-n nynu. [12]. (Never do things by half measures. ), Atipo m er; n, Bb, mo rw funfun lko. The hide of a pig is no use for making the gbdu drum. (There is no point in attempting to restrict the action of an absolute authority.) Only an imbecile gets into a fight in defence of his town. . [Back to text], 8. (A person whose days are numbered can afford to freely take on long-term obligations. Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more… lots more. One does not kill the vulture; one does not eat the vulture; one does not offer the vulture as a sacrifice to one's head. 26. — Egyptian proverb.

One does not acknowledge the husband for one's child and also acknowledge her illicit lover. Aj t gb iy, k ni y fi e? -gb-b di tni.

[25], A-gb-d b f, a-m-ara--r b od;a db fn f, f r, agnrn gbb, rb; shnw shnb f di ar y, agnrn di ar oko; wn r p f gbn. The-person-who-kills-and-eats-dogs claims to be afraid of chickens. (It is a person who will bring disaster on others who behaves like the wayward foot that drags weeds into town.

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