Moments later, Rika created a virtual stage for Keiko, compelling her to sing one of YUNA's songs in the middle of the mall. SII Episode 24 During the battle, a player fired a rocket at the boss; however, the boss dodged it, thus it flew towards YUNA, who was behind the boss at the time, instead. In FullDive, the group reached the Ruby Palace on the 100th Floor of Aincrad, where the original final boss of Sword Art Online, «An Incarnation of the Radius», immediately engaged them in battle.

Outside, Kazuto called Kikuoka Seijirou to enquire about the girl, and thus discovered that the professor had a daughter named Shigemura Yuuna, who had lost her life to the SAO Incident. An "SAO will return" teaser was shown at the end of the movie after its post-credit scenes. As neither Klein nor Leafa had any tickets, Agil and Sinon offered their spares; however, at that moment, Leafa dejectedly remembered about having a kendo training camp at the time of the concert. 44 1 . Kirito additionally promised to have a gift for Asuna that day.

Agil | A moment later, Asuna defeated the boss, thus becoming the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the battle, which earned her a kiss from YUNA and an extra ten thousand points. Meanwhile, rather than having Professor Shigemura charged for his crime, Kikuoka Seijirou, interested in the professor's Artificial Intelligence system, took him to Rath's base to help them with their own project. From 50 people Lullabies Yuna. December 8, 2017 (BD/DVD)[27], March 1, 2017 (Event) She is also the daughter of Professor Tetsuhiro Shigemura and is the main love interest of Eiji. Bureaucrat, Content and Social Media Admin (Gsimenas), Theme song announcement on the official movie site, Cinema facebook page opening announcement, Jive Movie special screening announcement, Jive Movie announcing the general release of the movie, Distributor site listing Macau City Town as a screening venue, General release announcement by SM cinema. In the aftermath of the battle, Kirito noticed the hooded girl again, but by the time he reached her, the girl disappeared, pointing at some location in the distance.

“Black Yuna”–i.e., the black-clad virtual idol by Eiji’s side for the majority of the film, is an AI built on the SAO framework (like Yui) that is the personification of the original Yuuna’s dream to sing in front of a large audience. He explained to a vision of Kayaba Akihiko that Yuuna had suffered irreparable brain damage because of the NerveGear, but claimed that if he could gather memories of her from other Sword Art Online players and fuse the fragments together, he would be able to revive Yuuna as an artificial intelligence. By Early 2018 (BD/DVD)[27], April 20, 2017 (Pre-screening)[32] They’re about to find out that Ordinal Scale isn’t all fun and games…. There, she revealed that she had been losing memories of her time in SAO, causing Kazuto to become worried.

Intermediate Anime J-Pop. Image Gallery Just as some players were about to reach the boss, the boar managed to extract the chain from the wall and hit an SAO Survivor with it, depleting the players hit points to zero and causing the brain scan to engage.

Her outfit was supplemented with a pure white cape and lute, a pure white feathered hat on her head, and a dagger on her right waist, giving her the image of a troubadour.

Previous Next Yuuna went to the same kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school as Nochizawa Eiji, but then moved to an all-girls high school. Yuuna had rather short hair, which she had dyed milk-tea-brown using a rare dye. In 2026, a new machine called the Augma is developed to compete against the NerveGear and its successor, the AmuSphere. Meanwhile, in Asuna and Kirito's forest house in ALfheim Online, Asuna, Klein, and Kirito told Agil, Leafa, Lisbeth, Silica, and Sinon about their Ordinal Scale boss battle.

Just as the man retrieved the item, he was confronted by Eiji. By clearing the game, the girls earned free cakes; however the cake Rika ate exceeded her daily calorie limit, thus she left the restaurant for a brisk walk in the mall outside. That evening, Asuna, Lisbeth, and Silica came to Yebisu Garden Palace, where the boss of Aincrad's 12th Floor, The Strict Hermit, spawned at 21:00.

is a Sword Art Online movie that was released in about 1,000 theatres worldwide on February 18, 2017.

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