The biggest game a smart person can run on a dummy, is to let the dummy believe they have the upper hand and that they are the "smarter" one, and that game can't be ran overnight. is 5 feet 7 inches. So you AREN'T still constipated. Cottle has also worked with T.I., 8Ball & MJG, Lil' Kim and Bow Wow. Connect any celebrity with Zonnie Zebo Pullins to see how closely they are linked... romantically! Sew so tso long ago. I am sure after he got wind of it and made her cool off, she will be fine.The same thing goes for Tiny. The not guilty verdict still does not mean they weren't responsible, right? The shot in black and white shows a stunning Zonnique showing off her baby bump while wearing a shiny sweater. Joan Clayton says: "This is why there will never be an all black real world". Why are there so many pics of Zonni and Zebo? Zonnie Zebo Pullins wiki has her other details related to … My sister is the same way. The 24-year-old, excited mom shared the happy news […] I came in all rude not speaking. I guess that episode of Proud Family when Penny won off spelling judgement was wrong. If that's tame...? You have entered an incorrect email address! The series chronicles the lives of Cottle and T.I. Throw the black girl under the bus. © 2020 Information Palace. Because Cheryl said she didn't have any ? That lady went way left over a photo. But I guess when you're about to bring a child into the world, that's going to factor into your thought process. We can disagree on this. I just saw that and I almost cried in the cafeteria here at work. Funny how the tables turn. But she does have a nice accuracy percentage. ", "Tiny Harris Takes Break From Xscap3 EP Promo To Celebrate 'Sunshine' Baby Heiress – Video", "Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle: 'I Know My Man's Heart, "Toni & Keril's Dream Wedding – singer Toni Braxton weds", "T.I. I just commented like everyone else. At her age, the only thing Tiny and the "Deadbeat" need to speak with each other on is emergencies. ??? The rapper has raised her since she was 5 years old. there or not with the new baby girl...Tiny wanted another baby forever and she got that one more and believe there are enough people around Tiny she aint raising no baby by herself...Tiny wanted that baby bad..she got her baby girl...T.I. As a teenager, he lived a street life, dealing in drugs and later dropped out of school. When is this ghetto BS going to be Over? Didn't the chef...nevermind. What is she missing that she wasn't already missing? I think she just likes to get down with girls. This is all unfortunate. That's probably all in the back story that Sandra will give us tomorrow. I hope her bio dad didn't actually do this, smh. Its been obvious they aren't together full time. She said he missed one birthday because of petty ish. "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie wipe the seatie" She said.....I forgot the last time we talked about it (the tape) you were tired of him making you watch it and he put it in a safe place...TIny admitted that she talks to him. Thank you! She's new here. Chile. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Tiny why are you all on the phone and chit chatting with such a deadbeat? This is Wendy. The stepmom just wanted some press. She has changed her body and ?to ice grey. Another scenario: Something went down offline that caused Nique Nique feeling rejected by Zebo. Him be a ghost daddy? Who the real momma? Somebody else mentioned it but she had a relationship with her bio dad. Maybe ?they psychic tew. Chile...I was thinking Barbra done called up Shirley. Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. FIX IT NOW!! I am glad the fictitious lives are coming to pass. Chile I been running. But her donor is a pos to even say that to her. Site by Bixbi, Beyonce waited until the last minute to endorse Biden/Harris, Lil Nas X slams rapper Dave East for homophobic Halloween costume comments, Travis Scott disabled Instagram after fans mocked his Batman costume,,,, You don't want to leave with herp... a fever blister. However, he's dead wrong for disowning his daughter behind a bunch of IG fuckery and pettiness. But my mother was the type if you defended her she sided with the people you defended her from. Zonnie Zebo Pullins wiki has her other details related to her birthplace and early life. Chile...I can't speak on anybody's marriage cept'n my own...but I WISH my hubby would tell me some "Pause"...on Nat'l TV too???? There are responsibilities that come with the reign of being a king. Heiress Diana Harris (born June 2016). ? Had the whole blog going through it. Use your damn fingers and Google! I was the one who tamed those eyebrows with wax. How Sway? I was done. Two of the officers already filed a suit against Mobsly and her office for false imprisonment and a bunch of other things. I went to some archived post and rumor was she cheated wif Keef. The milk ain't clean. (in his rap I CANT BE YOUR MAN). Saying he cutting off the child. I just gotta make sure it's for me and whether I'll be happy doing it. Not even close. smh. And they tow the line. Vinessa Shaw Is Happily Married and a Proud Mom — Facts about Her Life and Career It's sad that a grown man would disown his daughter over a few messages on social media. to be her father. T.I’s rapping talents were soon noticed and by age nineteen, he was sign… Hell she had years to get use to him be an absent father so, in other words life as usual. Lisa. industry and though her group got divided she had made a solo career for That they don't pay there employees? Any female coming for my mother coming for me. His drug addiction often got him into trouble such that by the time he was 14, he had already been to jail severally. My man might do dirt but he bet not embarrass me publicly the way TI has done Tiny. All this was about is because it made Zebo looked bad and had his face rubbed in the truth, that T.I. She may not be speaking with him. AND I'M SURE SHE AIN'T LOSE A WINK LAST NIGHT... CAN'T MISS WHAT DIDN'T WANNA BE AROUND IN THE FIRST PLACE! Yup. I'd like to buy a vowel: May she continue to predict the future of the spirits around her. Every time I put in Zebo it changes to Zero. The police reported that an odor of burnt marijuana was coming from the vehicle and the couple were found to be in possession of a controlled substance, ecstasy. ? Never seen that show but the title seems to fit if what your saying is true. You talk about WW3 on t-shirts and folk turning yt. You know I'm like Zebo around here. yeah, I agree that's a possibility. I think she just always wanted a girl for him since they lost a daughter. Though she was born under the sun sign Pisces she doesn’t express any of the This sexy dark skin dude did that to his girl. I just said Zebo still hasn't said anything. There are a lot of missives that were thrown that I didn't include in my posts because minor children are involved on both sides who can read, and they don't have to see all that. Where did this recent beef come from? Not new here been reading you for years and I read one when you said thwy wouldnt last. He better be aware! CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Lollllllllllllll I'm sure she cares???? Pullins’ celebrity wife, Tiny Harris, shared the news with her 6.4 million followers on Instagram while excitedly gushing about the wife to be. Men cheat... Like show me a man that doesn't. That thing went to the dogs...literally. Tiny's other daughter, Zonnique Jailee Pullins, came from her previous relationship with Zonnie Zebo Pullins in 1996. it's the direction we struggle with. He ain't new to this. Welp no negra with a head smaller than mines...mine is kinda at large lol, I like that TI knew to type Harris' not Harris's lol. No matter how messy Tip was trying to be, if Zebo had been taking care of his child like he should have, there wouldn't have been an issue. Did cheryl grow up without her father? ????? So something must've happened before that. Yes. See also: Nadine Caridi Wiki, Bio, Early life, Facts, Family, Net worth, Husband, Kids. Tired and thinking I need a new job. know what he doing, what this baby doing, what is and ain't in ah friggin house. ***** photos, No, just observations and opinions. ---------------- Instead he allegedly mad at his own child man there must be a reason these two so butt hurt maybe they hit her up for money and she said no lmao. You see what he did for Miss Jackson. ? Men can see that she is ride or die and they want that. The word conversate is another that is beginning to be accepted.. UGH I may not have learned a lot in HS but I will never forget my 10th grade English teacher going off on a 10 minute tangent about judgment and the s' rofl. I always thought it was so cool that TI could have had so many beautiful women but chose her, it's like he was in love with her soul. ", "All I Need", "Love's a Funny Thing", "My Little Secret", and "Am I Dreamin'". Even though I knew how it was going to end. Heiress doesn't belong to Zebo...does she? Zonnique is old enough to speak to him without her mother's participation. She didn't even say anything worth disowning her for. The line had been drawn in the sand. It's free. I was shocked and when Major said that. clearly there's a problem if the wife was subjected to/agreed to watching 'movies' with her husband and his ex- Leave my ankles out of this. Why did they start clapping? Because if he doesn't say anything, the imagery says that he is an absentee father. "[And you writing all of this like I'm your business to tend to but any other time, event, or birthday party it doesn't seem that way." It takes time and dedication. Sleep if you want, I needed all I needed to know when Tiny said what he said about the tape, and when she knew what was going on in ZEBO and dem house more than the wife.

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