Is akasuki RARE?

For future reference for someone else.LSC Sara/Taihou recipes.

The ribbing is also present on the new, larger, 1/350 sister kits of Zuikaku … I got her from a random drop on d3 i think, idk, wasn't looking for her. Did you make a summoning circle? Three Shoukakus with 300/30/400/300 using Shoukaku as Flagship. Used 300/30/450/350. I'm in 9k points and almost all are from B3 farm, got 0 Zuikaku and 3 Akatsuki >_<. A chance for you getting them and a fat chance to get zui/shou.CongratulationsCA795. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Zuikaku, too, but I'll probably just buy that one if I have another Prince of Wales dilemma. I was going to make a topic like this too but i kept it to the salty gacha and drop megathread, but fuck yes its low, I've ran A3 and B3 so many times, and not seen her. (took me only one evening. Got every other 'rare' ship drop multiple times already, but no sign of her. When launching an airstrike: permanently increases the damage of next airstrike by 8% (20%). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

As the title asks is Akatsuki's droprate lower than SSR ?I have been farming the last level of the event nonstop and have already dropped two Zuikaku but I havent seen hair nor tail of Akatsuki, does she drop on all ennemies or just the boss ? Did you bathe yourself in salt water? Hello, if you have questions, please see Amazon's Study Hall - Daily Questions Megathread. Please comment there if you still need help. I got stuck farming for Myoukou of all things for a lot longer. Because look, over 70 tries later I still did not get her. I have 5 Akatsuki ships. Skills; Nightmare of Solomon When this ship fires its Main Gun: 6.0% chance to increase this ships' Firepower, Torpedo, Reload, and Evasion by 20.0% (40%) for 8 seconds.

Second Hangar Capacity +1 / Number of Torpedo Bombers +1 / All Plane Efficiency +5% Crane's Endeavor CN: 鹤之奋进 JP: 奮進の鶴 Can be stacked 3 times. The first one is more preferable due its "chance to get ship" per resource unit. She is the last ship i need from the event, and thanks to her I no longer need to do any of the dailys... Not really, I've been drowning in her, RNG is RNG. 350/30/350/400 Ryuujou no kai FS - Zuikaku. Rate of Fire 12 shots/min. Good luck! One of the best girls in-game :3. I have two Akatsukis but I’m not sure where I got them from (I wasn’t farming for her specifically), so I don’t think her drop rate is that low. Don't pretend like you don't know how rng works. Pretty much. Literally, 2020, 300/30/400/300 Shokaku FS first try = Zuikaku. This page was last modified on 16 April 2020, at 20:49. After you dropped 2 Zuikakus you can't blame Akatsuki and everyone else for hating you. Reload ... With a full concealment build, players could drop their payload almost the instance the planes are spotted.

I think it's more like the opposite and you're way to lucky getting 2 Zuikaku drops already! I've been farming B3 since the beginning and dropped 2 Zuikaku but no Akatsuki lol. next stop is Zuikaku. But a friend of mine had to farm for to days to get her. I have two Akatsukis but I’m not sure where I got them from (I wasn’t farming for her specifically), so I don’t think her drop rate is that low. 150 other ships and no Zuikaku. tried #1 got Shoukaku at first try.

You can just exchange for a Zuikaku, even though it is 8000 event points. I thought akatsuki was only a rare... tfw you get 3 London drops in the same map run yet a rare eludes you like the plague. Fifth Carrier Division (Zuikaku) CN: 五航战 JP: 五航戦: If sortied with Shoukaku, increase own Air Power by 8% (20%) and reduce damage taken by self by 8% (20%). It's probably not the best, but it also gave me four Shoukakus, a Zuihou, many many Shouhous and Houshous, alongside some Kagas, Chiyodas and Chitoses. (pure envy!). Use RJ kai2 as FS with 300/300/400/500 and get both in relatively short times and tries. I feel like maybe she’s more common on non B-3 maps?

I got Zui after 20 tries wtih 1st receipe.

Being an admiral without Shoukaku for over 2 years is just too much, I can't unlock the quest chain and I can't get some of the better planes. 5! Seems like it, I've been farming for a few days now. This has been my experience with drops in this game. What did you eat? I’ve cleared the B3 mission about 30 times and still no sign of Zuikaku … Skills; Fifth Carrier Division When sortied with Shoukaku: increase this ship's Aviation by 8.0% (20%) and decrease the DMG it takes by 8.0% (20%). Ok I really think I get a lot of everything EXEPT for the thing I’m farming for. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Amazon's Study Hall - Daily Questions Megathread. While the 3 are all dupes, it seems like it's a very reliable recipe to get CV. The downside is that the planes are one of the weakest of all tier VIII carriers, and players need to utilize the long range of the torpedoes for longer duration of its usage. It has links to guides and a FAQ! I even tried to farm for her at 5-1 (wiki page says it has the highest drop rate at 1.81%), and over 50 tries later I accidentally sunk my L95 Yuudachi trying to get her (and failed miserably) Being an admiral without Shoukaku for over 2 years is just too much, I can't unlock the quest chain and I … I managed to get through poimines and fox mines relatively quickly. i think you might want to try different maps? I would say akatsuki's drop rate IS abysmally low, I've been farming B3 since the first day and I've only got her like 3 times. 900/900/900/900 is your best friend to get Zuikaku and Shoukaku. Symbols X = Obtainable only in the boss node O = Obtainable in other nodes beside the boss node Drops were referenced from Kancolle Japanese Wikiwiki, Kancolle Japanese @WIki andKancolle DB Background Coloring Yellow Background means the drop is cited at only one of the sources Green Background means the drop is cited by more than one source No Background means ship in question … All drop-only ships are extremely rare, unless they appear on multiple stages of main storymode.

I'd trade u for Zui if i could;). Been farming b3 since event start and just got her and nachi for the first time yesterday, it was low in my experience too., Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, Number of Dive Bombers +1 / All Plane Efficiency +3%, Hangar Capacity +1 / Number of Torpedo Bombers +1 / All Plane Efficiency +5%. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Got them with said recipe after two tries. Also, I think you mean Nowaki. Don't give up. i was at around 10-11k ema when i got her, shes really stupid rare. I got Akatsuki at A-3 quiet fast. Zuikaku's design and history closely mirrors that of ... of clear plastic containing a 1/700 scale Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero fighter, with separate propeller, landing gear, canopy, drop tank and tail ... it is non-existent. From my experience, it's not that low.

I’ve cleared the B3 mission about 30 times and still no sign of Zuikaku though. Farming b3 for a week and got everything except zuikaku and akatsuki. Or, so it is on my kit, at any rate. Number of All Planes +1 / All Plane Efficiency +7%, Available in Point shop, Construction and as a drop during ".

Wait! Yes, took me about 4 days and 3 zuikakus of farming to get one.

I even tried to farm for her at 5-1 (wiki page says it has the highest drop rate at 1.81%), and over 50 tries later I accidentally sunk my L95 Yuudachi trying to get her (and failed miserably). Maybe I'll just hope that posting here will do some miracle for me. Even had vestal drop twice last night. I've gotten a lot of her from D3 farming. (less than 20)  Along the way I got Kaga, Shouryuu, and Hiryuu along the way. I Just Got Zui Zui in 300/300/600/600 (first time (and only) for use this recipe).

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